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Acupuncture for Headaches Research

An analysis conducted by several medical practitioners in Germany,publicized by the International Association for the Check of Pain (IASP)contained research on the possibility of laser acupuncture being functional inalleviating chronic headache symptoms of 43 kids.

The medicatments were created using old Chinese methods. This knowledge maintains that the current spawned by living beings have an inclination to take more conductive paths within the body. Said paths, named Meridians, seem to be able to conduct more than other bodily parts.

Stimulation of thesepoints, or acupoints, created alterations in the body's flow ofcurrent, and thus affected an individual's health. The process involves the placing of extremely thin, electrical-conducting needles into the "acupoints" in order to allow current manipulation.

Laser acupuncture utilizes low power lasers to manipulate how the current fluctuates in acupoints. Thestudy mentioned before implicitly focuses on the comparative effect of laser utilizationto placebo-utilization.

The research was performed implementing a double-blind, randomized,placebo-controlled technique, and its ultimate purpose was toascertain if laser treatment is better than placebo laser treatment, and included 43 children that have either chronic migraineheadaches (22 patients) or chronic tension headaches (21 patients). Thesepatients were given four randomized treatments over the course of four weeks. Thetreatments were double-blind, making sure that no one could be certain if the lasers were turned on or set properly. This was done so none of the people involved could not alter the end results.

There were three ways of examining the results, with the first methodexamining and comparing the number of days the children suffered fromheadaches. The average number of headache days before the treatments wasconsidered and used to compare with the average number of headache days onceboth the placebo and the true cure have been applied.

The second process consisted of comparing the potency of the pain using aVisual Analogue Scale (VAS), a medical utensil that assists in rating theintensity of specific sensations and feelings like pain. While The VAS is verysubjective, mostly used to interpret alterations inindividuals over different time periods, it is considered more wholesome to utilize VAS for checking on alterations inperception over periods of time against usingit at one point of time.

The last procedure of analyzing the results consisted of comparing thetimeframe of each child’s headache experiences before and after the treatments. The next step involved analyzing the differences between these times in both treatments.

Effectiveness inquiry facts

According to the results of the research, the mean number of "headachedays" fell by a day within the placebo group, and by 6.4 days in thetrue cure group. In stark contrast to the placebo group, The VAS in the truecure group exhibited a significant decline in the children's perception of themagnitude of the headaches. The children's total amount of headache time hasalso dropped more in the true cure than the placebo group.

The study's conclusion was that laser acupuncture is indeed advantageous to other treatments, as the laser therapy performed much more effectively than the placebo.

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