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What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a type of research.Namely, this research involves testing various different methods oftreatment for different diseases and classifying these treatmentsaccording to their effectiveness. This way, new cures and healingmethods can be found and newly developed diseases can be treated.

Since sleeping deprivation ordeficiency seems to be a prominent problem of the modern era,numerous clinical trials are carried on in order to find out somecures for this issue. Every clinical trial which takes place hereneeds to undergo certain patterns and phases. These will be describedbelow.

Phases of Clinical Trials for SleepDeprivation

The initial, first phase of such atrial, involves giving the medication or applying the treatment to alimited number of healthy volunteers. This way, the effectiveness canbe observed and the very medication or therapy can be analyzed andproven safe or unsafe for a wider array of usages.

Next, in the second phase, thetreatment is directed towards healing a specific health problem. Sideeffects are taken into consideration here as well and the very trialsare carried out on a limited, smaller number of people.

Phase three involves being treated witha placebo. Afterwards, observations take place and those participantswho have the least side-effects are a clear sign of the effectivenessof the real medication tested.

The final phase of clinical trialsinvolve the period after the medication or the treatment has beencompletely accepted. This means that the medication effect isobserved on a larger scale and, based on the behavior of the patientsand the therapy, it is improved or completely accepted.

As far as choosing participants for thetrial process is concerned, they are picked out randomly in order toavoid any bias aspects getting involved with the trials. All theparticipants are told that there is a chance that they will betreated with a placebo, instead of the real drug.

Before opting to be a test subject, youshould consult with your doctor and make sure you are healthy sinceotherwise you might be exposing yourself to life-threateningconditions.

Also, before accepting to be a testsubject, or a participant in a clinical trial, make sure you get allthe information about the effectiveness of the medication, itspurpose and history. Also, make sure you are treated in a standardway, with no experimental methods since these are likely to beunsafe.

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