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Ovary pain can have a myriad of causes. Are you a woman who regularly experiences what you think is ovary pain, whether it changes throughout your menstrual cycle or is constantly plaguing you? You probably came to Trying To Conceive through Google and are looking for answers what causes ovary pain? While some causes of ovary pain are totally benign, we advise you to always seek medical help. We will now discuss some possible causes of pain in the ovaries.

Ovulation pain

Ovulation is not an uncommon cause of pain in the ovary as many as one in five women notice this, every cycle. It is the result of a minor bleeding inside the ovary when your egg is released from it, and will typically be felt on either the right or left side of the body.


Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, an infection often caused by chlamydia, is another frequent culprit of ovary pain. The ovaries as well as fallopian tubes and other parts of the reproductive system can be affected by PID, which can lead to permanent scarring and even infertility.

Ovarian cyst

Cysts in the ovaries can cause extreme and constant pain for some women, though they may also be symptomless. Bloating in the abdominal area, frequent urination, and heavy periods can also come along for the ride when you have an ovarian cyst.


Nobody who experiences ovary pain likes the thought that it may be caused by cancer. But ovary pain can be the result of tumors some of which are benign, and others of which are cancer. Bloating coupled with a loss of appetite and sudden wait loss can point to ovarian tumors.


Endometriosis is a condition during which the tissue that normally lines only the uterus spreads to other parts of your reproductive organs; ovaries, fallopian tubes, and even bowels can be affected by it. It is a major cause of abdominal pain in women.

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