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Acai berry is a fruit that comes from South America, Brazil and Peru and it has been popular for its reducing weight abilities. But is that really the truth? Does anyone know how to lose weight using only acai berry? Is that fruit really that effective?

The good

The reason why acai is very popular lies in the amount of antioxidants that it contains. Acai berry fruit contains many times more antioxidants than similar fruit rich in those substances, such as blackberries. Antioxidants are very important because their main role is elimination of free radicals, substances that can cause a lot of problems in the organism. Another benefit of acai berry is that it can replace some of the substances used in beauty products. As such, it also found its place in pharmacological industry.

As for weight, it is not yet understood how exactly acai helps. It is known that antioxidants help with reducing weight, but details of that mechanism are still not determined. Still, the amount of antioxidants is more than enough for using acai as a healthy supplement. Besides, free radicals elimination, antioxidants enhance certain chemical processes in the organism and enhance the distribution of oxygen in the organism, which helps the execution of aerobic processes. Perhaps the reason why acai helps with weight reduction is in that catalytic role it has in our bodies.

The bad

Since acai has been advertised a lot for some time now, a lot of companies began hyper production of all sorts of acai products (pill, juices etc.) and the point is, no one actually know what is being sold inside those products and if there were really anti oxidants and what the concentration of acai fruit there was? For a while it was not easy to find a proper acai product with enough acai in it for some actual positive effect.

The solution

Using real acai berry products is not a bad thing and it can only help. The problem is that nobody can be sure that the weight will be lost with it. This means that sticking to the old methods is needed here. Physical activities and dieting are the two major methods that should be used when it comes to reducing weight. As for those two, before starting anything, consultation with a medical expert is highly recommended, especially if obesity is serious. Using acai and exercising could be an interesting combination when it comes to getting the ideal body shape back.

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