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According to statistics, brain tumors are very rare. But, in spite of this fact, people who experience frequent headaches cannot but wonder if they have brain tumor. That is why we will try to name some of the most obvious signs of a brain tumor so that people can eliminate some of these concerns. In case they have some signs, they should visit a doctor so that they could be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

A Slow Progression

The primary thing concerning brain tumor is that is evolves and grows very slowly. That is good news for people who have severe and frequent headaches or some speech issues, because it is more likely that they have some other problem instead of a brain tumor. The explanation of a slow progression of a brain tumor lies within the skull. The tumor cells grow very slowly and there is so much space in the skull. The tumor, while growing, occupies that space and after some time, when it becomes bigger, it pressures the brain. So, on the other hand, the tumor can also cause headaches, but one has to be aware that there are so many other conditions that may have a headache as one of the symptoms.


Sign that indicates the presence of a brain tumor is a seizure, the cause of which is an electric discharge within the brain. But there is also a condition called epilepsy, whose common symptom is also a seizure. People who do not have epilepsy and experience seizures should consult with their doctor because this is one of the earlier signs of a brain tumor.


Other signs of a brain tumor depend on the location of the tumor. The signs of a brain tumor are in connection with the part of a brain that is pressured by the tumor. As an example, let us assume that someone has a brain tumor growing at the place of the brain that processes sound information. In such case, the earliest sign of a brain tumor will be hearing loss. Then with the tumor growth, other brain areas will also be affected by tumor and then it will pressure some other brain areas that are in charge of other things. If a tumor grows in the back part of the brain, the first signs would be loosing a balance and a sensation of intoxication.


These signs of a brain tumor may hide away some other possible conditions, but it is also important to visit a physician. Nowadays, brain tumor is very easily diagnosed with radiographic tests such as CT or MRI. So, it would be good to visit your physician if you experience any of these signs. If some of these signs come out of blue, unexpected, you should call 911.

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