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Vitamins for energy review

Vitamins are really important, if not essential for the human body. They, along with the minerals, play a role in maintaining the good health and energy in the body. If there is not enough iron, magnesium, folic acid or B12 in a person's system, he or she will experience chronic tiredness and a lack of energy.


In order to have enough hemoglobin in the system, a person must have enough iron. This is really important because hemoglobin is a part of the red blood cells that is responsible for oxygen carrying. If the blood cells do not have enough oxygen to carry them throughout the system and to the body's tissues, a person will experience tiredness. This happens when the iron levels are not as high as they should be. Anemia will happen to a person that does not have high hemoglobin levels. Haem iron and non-haem iron are the two types of iron. The first is from the animal sources and the second one is from the plant sources. Haem iron is much more easily absorbed. Fatigue, pale palms, nails and tongue and headaches are only some of the symptoms of iron deficiency. There are tests that can determine how much iron a person has in his or her system. It is also important that a person does not ingest too much iron.

Vitamin B12

Creation of red blood cells depends on this vitamin. Not only does it help the body to properly use iron, but it helps with digestion, absorption of foods and the metabolism of carbs and fats. Vitamin B12 is know to reduce tiredness as well. It is not an unusual thing for a person to lack B12. This is because of declining B12 levels in food. Overuse of antibiotics can cause the lack of the vitamin, as can digestive problems. Weakness, fatigue, sore tongue and even memory problems are some of the symptoms for a person that lacks B12. Blood tests are done to measure the level of B12 in a person's body.

Folic acid

This is needed for the creation of red blood cells as well. Megaloblastic anemia can occur if a person lacks folic acid. Fatigue is a symptom that occurs in both minor deficiency of folic acid and with megaloblastic anemia. This is known to be one of the most usual deficiencies because folic acid is easily cooked out of foods.Besides fatigue, other symptoms include insomnia, shortness of breath and paranoid delusions.An important thing to remember is that a person may only take folic acid if a B12 deficiency has been ruled out.


The main molecule that creates energy in the body is ATP and it depends on the magnesium. Therefore, people will feel tired if they lack magnesium. Among all nutrient deficiencies in people, magnesium is the most common. Beside being tired, people will also experience insomnia, irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure if they lack magnesium. Magnesium levels are not checked by a blood test but rather via hair analysis.

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