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Cobalamin or vitamin B12 is one of vitally important nutrients for human organism. Our body needs cobalamin to function normally, since it is involved in synthesis of nucleic acids and cell division, production of red blood cells and regulation of human nervous system. Also, vitamin B12 is found important and related with providing of energy to all cells.

This vitamin is water soluble, as well as some other vitamins, such as other vitamins of the B complex and vitamin C. People lacking this vitamin B12 usually experience dizziness, loss of appetite, breathing problems and irregular heartbeat. Therefore, everyone should take food rich in this vitamin every day or at least use B12 supplements in proper dosage.

Is Vitamin B12 Useful for Weight Loss?

People started to use vitamin B12 shots to lose some weight. This is not supported with any relevant medical data so far, so if you consider taking these injections consult your doctor and find out what he or she thinks about it. What you should know is that low doses of this vitamin are usually considered safe, while high doses may cause some health problems.

The theory of taking B12 injections for weight loss is to speed up person’s metabolism and digestion of fat. Injections should also provide plenty of energy and stamina, making the person feels better and ready for healthier lifestyle and eating habits.

Since there is no valuable information about the use of B12 shots to lose excess weight, recommended dose is still debatable. However, most people suggest taking a lower dose, about some 1.000mcg at first and then gradually increasing it. To avoid overdose, it is not recommended to administrate these injections to yourself. Some may wonder how much money these injections will cost. Well, this certainly depends on the concentration of vitamin B12 used in them. Approximately, one shot of vitamin B12 costs some 10 to 20 USD$, so calculate for yourself how much of these will you take.Adverse Effects of Vitamin B12

Increased doses of vitamin B12 in injections are, as we mentioned, potentially harmful and may cause mild or sometimes even severe unwanted effects. On the injection site, many patients have reported unpleasant problem such as inflammation, redness or swelling. Apart from these, some patients have more serious problems, like: chest pains, muscle cramps, gastroenteritis, allergic reactions to the shots or irregular heartbeats. B12 shots may also affect the level of potassium in your body, so it is a good idea to monitor it.

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