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There are 11 vitamins in vitamin B complex. Vitamin B1 canbe found in meat, milk, eggs, and cheese. Yeast (ferment) is natural source ofB complex vitamins. There is nosolid proof that vitamin B1 is toxic if taken in higher doses, but there arealso no proves that taking B1 more than necessary actually helps the organism. Since the deficit of this vitamin leads to mental and cardiovascular disorders, it isimportant to take it in the needed amount each day.


Vitamin B2 can be found in fish, spinach, cabbage and othervegetables. It cannot be found in fruits and other foods, at least not inneeded quantity. Low levels of B2 vitamin should last for at least 2 monthsbefore any consequences happen. Most common changes are in the skin, and even onthe face (mouth angles). Vitamin B2 overdose is not thoroughly examined, but sofar only things like fatigue and tiredness might happen. This vitamin is anexcellent energy booster, but that is also not scientifically proven.

Nicotinic acid

Great sources of this vitamin are peanuts and corn. There isno data that will tell us if high levels of nicotinic acid are dangerous, butsome side effects can emerge if nicotinic acid is used as supplement constantly.Unwanted effects are redness of the skin, nausea, vomiting etc.


Vitamin B6 - Intake of this vitamin in larger quantitiesthan needed is not dangerous, but only if it has been taken through the fresh food. Still, high dosages from supplements can be very toxic. Daily dosage must not exceed100 mg. Unwanted effects are usually connected with nervous system.


Its amount in the organism comes from the food such asanimal liver and kidneys. Some toxic effects of this vitamin have not beenreported.

Folic acid

This acid is usually found in green vegetables and cereals.The deficit of folic acid is characterized by anemia, neurological changes, andincreased risk for the occurrence of some vascular and even malign processes.

Other vitamins from this complex are choline, carnitine, inositol,pantothenic acid, and biotine. It is obvious that vitamin B complex overdose does nothappen easily. Many vitamins do have some side effects, but those happen when a vitaminis in the form of the supplement. When taken via fresh food, it seems that it ismore or less harmless.

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