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Estrogen is a female sex hormone responsible for many bodily functions and is vital to fertility. When a woman is experiencing a hormone imbalance and not enough estrogen is being made it can prevent ovulation and stop her from getting pregnant when trying to conceive. When a woman has had a definitive diagnosis of an estrogen deficiency, there are many ways in which a physician can treat the problem. One way of treating estrogen deficiency is through the use of synthetic estrogen replacement therapy. Synthetic estrogen is available in tablet, injection and vaginal suppository forms, depending on how low levels of estrogen may be, and a physician may prefer using one method over another for treatment.

Vaginal estrogen creams can be used to treat vaginal dryness, itching, painful urination or for women that have experienced problems because of menopause. A vaginal estrogen supplement comes in a ring and tablet, which are inserted into the vagina and as a cream it is applied to the inside of the female vagina. The rings are usually placed into the vagina and left for three months and after three months, the old ring is removed and a new one is inserted. The difference between having a healthy pregnancy and a miscarriage can be related to low levels of estrogen, but without being tested a woman may never know about the problem. Estrogen plays an important role in the development of an embryo and can hinder the embryo from attaching properly to the uterine wall. Though only a small amount of estrogen is necessary for the uterus to prepare for pregnancy, too much of the hormone can affect implantation process and can shorten the window needed for healthy conception.

A woman's estrogen levels can be affected by a variety of different factors which include dietary habits, environmental influences or ethnic differences. When it has been determined that a woman is experiencing an estrogen deficiency, vaginal estrogen creams can help correct the problem. When trying to conceive and an estrogen deficiency is experienced, consulting with a medical professional can help increase the chances of conception and lead a woman to have a healthy pregnancy.

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