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Ganoderma (Reishi or Ling zhi ) is a mushroom which grows ontropical wood in Asia. Once you’ve seen Ganoderma, you will remember it, since, it has a specific asymmetric shape and grows on the trees. The common ganodermais red in color, but may also be anything from yellow to black.

The first records of ganoderma use as the medicinal plant comefrom ancient China and it is still used. The specific thing about ganoderma isthat are no side effects. You can use this mushroom without any fear that it willdamage anything in your body and because of that, it is considered as one ofthe safest herbs to use.

Ganoderma Adverse Effects

The only real problem might be an allergic reaction to thismushroom, present in some people. Patients allergic to this herb and those withserious chronic disease are advised not to take ganoderma.

Extremely rarely, this mushroom can lead to some mild andtransitory side effects in people using it for medicinal purposes. Side effectsare so rare that it has happened only to a small number of people and have neverprovoke any serious medical problem. Usually, the problems start with the firstuse of this herb and subside after couple of days.

One of these side effects is dizziness, present mostly inpeople who just started using ganoderma. Some patients have complained aboutmild headaches, which can but doesn’t have to be paired with the dizziness. In mostcases, patients experience one or another, just headache or just feel dizzy.

There have also been some reports of diarrhea and bowelmovements in people who started using this herb. Nausea and vomiting might alsobe rare side effects in people using ganoderma. It doesn’t happen often,but some patients complained about discomfort and stomach problems. Reishi canalso provoke dry mouth, throat or nose, and in some cases even be responsiblefor dehydration. Nose bleeding that appeared in some patients was mostly causedby dry nose.

This herb can cause acne or hives-like pimples on the facialskin and provoke skin itchiness.

Ganoderma can be the reason behind generalized body pain. Thereare different theories why ganoderma potentiate pain and aches, including theblockage of the circulation and also worsening of some pre-existinginjuries.

In people who already have problems with diabetes orhypertension ganoderma might sometimes worsen the situation, if used for a longtime.

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