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Each and every person has at least once in his/ her lifetime experienced burning stomach pain. This pain originates from irritation of the esophagus with stomach acid.

The stomach produces the acid that aids in the digestion process. Normally, we are not even aware of the presence of stomach acid until it enters the esophagus, an organ of the gastrointestinal tract, which is not equipped to neutralized stomach acid and prevent its harmful effects. Irritation of exposed mucous membrane of the esophagus results in burning sensations.

What are Causes of Burning Pain in Stomach?

There is a variety of medical conditions associated with burning stomach pain. The first one is related to anatomical abnormalities of the esophageal sphincter which does not function properly and allows stomach acid to regurgitate right in to the esophagus. Burning stomach pain is also possible after consumption of fat foods and heavy meals even if the esophageal sphincter is functioning properly. Furthermore, this type of pain is also connected with peptic ulcers (either gastric or duodenal). People suffering from problems with gallbladder and pancreas are also prone to burning stomach pain.

How to Deal with Burning Stomach Pain?

The first thing a person should do, in case the burning pain lasts too long or if it frequently occurs, is to consult a doctor, who will perform the appropriate examinations and tests to identify the underlying cause of burning stomach pain.

Initially, the problem can be dealt with changes in the diet, like eating smaller meals of select foods. For example, any kind of food which stimulates increased production of stomach acid such as citrus fruit, fatty foods, junk food, spicy foods etc. must be excluded. Even consumption of sweets should be restricted. Coffee, alcohol and cigarettes are supposed to be eliminated as well since they stimulate stomach to produce excess of stomach acid. In case of food intolerance a person is supposed to stay away from the particular foods.

Relief from burning stomach pain can be also achieved with certain medications. Antacids are, for example, available over-the counter and they can effectively neutralize stomach acid, hence, eliminate the pain. Still, patients are not advised to take any of the non-prescription medications prior consulting a doctor. If necessary, the doctor will choose the most optimal medication for the particular condition.

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