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Chigger bites are skin condition caused by trombiculid mites. Anyone who has experienced chigger bites knows how badly it hurts and itches and how important it is to find a good remedy or solution to stop the rash. Trombicula is a genus of harvest mites that attaches to animals, and often humans, to feed on the skin. This causes terrible itching and trombicula mites are so small, measuring 1/100 of an inch that it is almost impossible to get rid of it completely on your own. Chiggers crawl onto the host and feed only on their skin cells, and not blood. They do not bite but form a hole in the skin where they chew up small parts of the inner skin layer, causing irritation and swelling. Over time, red bumps and rashes appear on sun-exposed area and itching typically occurs when larvae detach from the skin. Mature chiggers are harmless to humans and feed only on plant materials.

Ultimate Chigger Bites Relief Formula

The ultimate chigger bites relief formula is actually a home-made remedy for chigger bites. It is relatively easy to make and every single ingredient is available in most of the supermarkets at fairly low price. People living in nature, surrounded with a lot of greenery, woods and fields, should always have this relief formula handy. The only important thing to worry about is that the solution doesn’t reach the eyes. If it happens, it is important to immediately wash eyes with cold water and some mild soap.

The recipe

To make the Chigger Bites Relief Formula obtain 1 oz bottle of Tea Tree oil, ½ teaspoon dish washing liquid, ½ teaspoon Cayenne pepper and 2 oz fresh pineapple juice. First step is to mix the pineapple juice with dish washing liquid and then slowly add Tea Tree oil. Mix thoroughly until the ingredients are nicely blended into a compact liquid. Add ½ teaspoon Cayenne Pepper and mix again until everything blends together. Cayenne Pepper is natural pain killer that also helps remove the itch.

This mixture should be stored at a cool and dark place and applied topically only to bites. Proper way of application is with a q-tip or cotton pad. The best results are achieved if the remedy is applied at first indication of itching. It is normal to feel some slight burning and itching when the remedy gets into the contact with skin. However, this itching should subside in a couple of seconds. Reapply as needed.

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