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If you are Rh negative and a woman, you will probably already have heard that there is a risk of complications when you are pregnant, and your partner is Rh positive. To be more precise when you are Rh negative and your partner is Rh positive, there is a chance that your baby will also be Rh positive, and will therefore have a different RH factor to you. In the case the baby's blood mixed with yours, as can happen during labor and delivery or in some cases prenatally, your body will form antibodies to attack the Rh positive blood, and will then become "sensitized". This will not cause any harm to the current Rh positive baby, but can have serious and even fatal consequences for a subsequent Rh+ baby.

Being aware of these possibilities, you might wonder if there is something you can do to prevent these complications while you are trying to get pregnant. Beyond selecting a partner who is also Rhesus negative (and, did you know two people who tested Rh negative can still have an Rh positive baby? Really!), there is little you can do to prevent getting pregnant with a baby who is Rh positive. During the preconception stage, there is nothing you need to do about the fact you are Rh negative and trying to conceive. Except... choosing an OB in advance, because you will likely need a shot of Rhogam prenatally and right after birth to avoid sensitization. This is hardly any more than a routine procedure these days, but one that can be life-saving for future babies (NOT the currently planned pregnancy). Because there is a slight chance RH negative women might have been sensitized during times other than pregnancy, you may want to check this out. But that is extremely rare.

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