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The thyroid gland is an endocrinological structure, with secreting the hormones that stay inside the organism. This gland can be affected in many different ways, and the main symptom of all those medical problems is the increased growth of the gland. This changes the structure of the thyroid gland and there are problems caused by changes in the secretion levels of the thyroid hormones, mainly T3 and T4. Diagnostic analysis is very important here in order to determine properly what type of the treatment is needed.

Analysis of the problem

The size of the gland is firstly determined, and then the consistency of the gland has to be analyzed along with the functionality. Globulin levels should also be examined. Ultrasound is also performed, and then there are RO analysis and biopsy. Hyper and hypothyroidism are dealt with the help of medicaments (thyroid suppressors, beta-blockers and Iodide products). If a certain number of affected nodes follow the condition, surgical resection might be needed.

Treatment of the problem

Surgical treatment includes elimination of the dominant nodes. Total resection of the affected region in the thyroid gland is necessary. When this gland cancer is treated, a surgical method is the most effective method of dealing with this condition. Operation removes the primary tumor along with the resection of the entire thyroid gland (total thyroidectomy). Systematic elimination of lymphatic nodes in the neck area should also be performed after the resection. Peripheral metastasis should be eliminated as well. When the thyroid gland is removed, it is essential to include supplemental therapy (with thyroid hormones). Hyperthyroidism is treated with thyroxine, and the daily doses vary from 0.1 to 0.2 mg. It should be taken in a form of pill, once a day. This dosage is used for serious cases, and it is started with smaller dosage, which increases in time. When applying medicament treatment, certain caution has to be present because some heart issues might appear. Unfortunately, there are some complications that are possible with the surgery method. One of the most common problems is post op bleeding, which can happen in veins or even arteries. Problem here is with hematoma, which affects the upper breathing paths and asphyxia can happen.

Are there any other treatment options, and what are the costs of thyroidectomy surgery abroad?

The mentioned treatments are essential for these types of medical problems and, as for costs, if you are the US resident, Mexico might be the right choice for you. Jordan is also an interesting choice, and a cheaper one although it is a bit too far away.

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