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Introduction to toenail fungus

The main symptom noticed by a person who has toenail fungus is the appearance of spots under the tip of the toenail that are usually white or yellow in color. However, the infection is usually not limited to the toenail alone and can spread to other nails as well.

The condition needs to be treated immediately before it spreads deeper and deeper into the nail, which will increase the discoloration and make the nail thicker, causing crumbling edges to develop as well. This type of infection is hard to treat because there is a strong chance that it will come back some time or another. However, with the proper use of medication prescribed for toe fungus, it can be treated.

Over-the-counter treatments

There are the many different medications for treating toenail fungus that are available in most drugstores. People can purchase products such as ZetaClear, Nail Rx, Lamisil or Vinegar ACV. There are also other things that people can use along with these medications to help get rid of the fungus. The treatment must begin with a person filing the nail properly.

When the toenail is infected, the nail will grow thick and long, so a person will have to file it down to make it as thin and short as possible before treating. Be careful not to injure the actual skin in this area, however, with the filing. After the nail has been filed down as much as possible, it is then important to soak the feet in a solution of warm water and vinegar for about 20 minutes to soften the nail even more.

Once this has been completed, it is also of vital importance to dry to foot off well. Now trim the nail so that it is as short as possible, because the nail must be short in order for the medication to reach the infected area and treat it more fully. It is important to buy an ointment or cream that is specifically made for treating toenail fungus and then apply it twice a day for relief.

After several weeks, there should be signs of the toenail turning pink in color, which is a sign that the fungus is retreating and that the toenail is recovering from the infection. If a person prefers natural treatments over store-bought remedies, then there are other things they can do. For example, treating the infection with tea tree oil is a classic home remedy that has proven to be effective in most cases. Listerine is another good remedy. Simply soak the feet in Listerine for about 20 minutes and that should help to get rid of the infection if practiced regularly.

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