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Tildiem pills consist of diltiazem, a medicine with effect on the heart and blood vessels. Diltiazem blocks calcium channels on the cells of muscels which they need for contracting. By doing so, this ingredient slows down and relaxes the muscles. In this way, diltiazem slows down the heart rate and enables blood vessels to enlarge. When the heart slows down, the pressure in the heart is reduced. When blood vessels in the body expand and relax, it becomes easier for the heart to pump the blood through the body. Thus, tildiem is used to lower blood pressure. It can also be used for managing angina and to prevent angina attacks. Tildiem pills are made to release their active ingredient diltiazem slowly and continuously over a couple of hours.

Side effects

Just like most medications, Tildiem has side-effects too. Those are unwanted reactions to a drug and they can be mild or severe, temporary or permanent. Side-effects of a drug are not observed with every patient who uses the drug. However, every possible side-effect must be stated inside the package of the drug. Tildiem may cause headache, nausea, hypotension, tiredness, dizziness, fluid retention in the ankles, bradycardia, complications of the digestive system, skin reactions, enlargement of the breasts in men, slower heart rate. Drug\'s manufacturer must include all possible side-effects of the drug on the packaging, so a patient should either talk to the doctor or read the information in the drug\'s packaging carefully.

In combination with other drugs

Tildiem should be taken with caution, if a person is already taking other drugs for lowering blood pressure. The combination of two drugs with similar effects might lower a person\'s blood pressure too much. A person should also pay attention about the drugs which increase or decrease the breakdown of Tildiem in the blood, or with lithium because it increases the risk of lithium side-effects. It is important for everyone to consult their doctor before taking any medication for blood pressure.

Risk groups

There are certain groups of people who should be extremely cautious about taking Tildiem. Those are elderly people, people with decreased kidney or liver function, people with slow heart rate, people with heart condition. Certain groups of people should not use this medication at all. These are people with serious heart conditions, people with decreased functioning of one chamber of the heart, pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, children. It is very important not to use this drug if a person is allergic to any of its ingredients.

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