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Lung cancer survival rate

Lung cancer is a serious and life threatening disease, which starts in the lungs, two spongy organs located in the chest. The lungs are a part of the respiratory system in the humans and have the main role to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide in the breathing process. In many countries, it is a principal cause of death in men, as well as in women. The people who are smokers are at the highest risk to develop this devastating disease and therefore, smoking should be quitted in order to decrease the chances of developing it.

Symptoms of lung cancer

In the first stages, the lung cancer usually does not show any symptoms but the signs appear when the cancer has already progressed considerably. Sudden new persistent cough, coughing up the blood and shortness of breath, as well as wheezing, hoarseness and pain in the chest are the most typical signs of this serious lung disease. Furthermore, the people who developed the lung cancer may also experience bone pain, headache and unexplained weight loss.

Nowadays the medicine has significantly advanced so that the treatment of the lung cancer is made possible. The procedures used in the treatment of the lung cancer are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Lung cancer survival rate

The treatment of the lung cancer is more difficult than the treatment of other cancers because diagnosis of the lung cancer is difficult. In the majority of cases, the lung cancer is diagnosed in the progressive stages when it is already too late and when it is fatal for the patient. For that reason, the survival rate among the patients with the lung cancer is considerably low if we compare it to the survival rate among the patients with some other type of cancer.

What will be the lung cancer survival rate depends on the stage at which the lung cancer is detected and this disease has four different stages. Furthermore, the lung cancer survival rate also depends on the type of the cancer, as well as on the general health of the patient since the survival rate decreases if the patient already suffers from some other disease as well.

When the cancer is detected in the first stage, the survival rate is about 10 years in almost 90% of the cases. The survival rate among the patients with the second stage of lung cancer is five or more years in almost 50% of cases. Furthermore, the lung cancer survival rate when it is detected in the third stage is about 13%, while in the fourth stage of the lung cancer, the survival rate is only about 2%.

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