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What does thinking error mean?
When someone suffers for depression, he or she will change the way that person think and that will not happen consciously. The negative thoughts that depressed people have are affecting all aspects of their life, because they are changing their humor, perception and the way they act. One of the main things that need to be done is to detect these changes in order to do something about them and improve the thinking style. These thoughts can be very different, but they are always negative. For instance, they could be "I am always wrong" or " this will never come out right" and when people think this, they really believe this, and that can make them very depressed.
The question is what you can do to recognize these thoughts. There is a simple solution for this, and it involves writing down all the thoughts that you have on your mind, or that you had recently. It includes the thoughts that occur in one moment and then disappear, but come back again after a while. When you write down all these thoughts, you will be able to detect those ones that are leading you to depression. There are several criteria that can help you determine what thoughts are negatively affecting you.
Criteria for recognizing thinking errors
Thoughts in the terms all or nothing without the possibility that something could be somewhere in between is one of the criteria that puts them in thinking errors. Also, if you catch yourself not to count your successes or to think that they happened only because of the luck you had, it means that you have thinking errors. Other criterion is to accept your emotions as facts, especially if they are related to negative anticipation. Thoughts that contain words, such as should, must and ought to belong to the group of thinking errors. Thinking that everybody's acts are done to provoke you or to upset you, means that you are taking things very personally and these are also thoughts that can lead you to depression. Generalizations that are too wide and distortion of events are other criteria for thinking errors.
What can these thoughts cause?
These thoughts are actually the reasons for numerous physiological changes in our body. If we have a thought that we acknowledge as a fact, then our body prepares for that fact and physiological reactions will occur. If you notice that you have these kinds of thoughts, you should confront them and try to change them into more functional thoughts or just neglect them and look at them as only thoughts without allowing them to change your behavior or mood.

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