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Every person in the world has heard of self-injuries and knows that it is an act when a person deliberately hurts him or herself in some way, like cutting or burning. People should not mistake this with an attempt of a suicide, because it is not. A self-injury is more a way a person copes with emotional pain, intense anger and frustration, even though highly unhealthy. In most cases of self-injury, people feel shame and guilt after the act. Even the painful emotions return. Another thing that people should know is that an injury can be quite serious and in some cases fatal. Most self-injuries are done in an impulse and that is why they are considered to be an impulse-control behavior problem. It is not uncommon for the self injury to be accompanied by a certain mental illness, like depression or eating disorder.

Treatment and drugs

People need to know that there is no one treatment that is best for all self-injuries. The way of treatment will be determined by the specific issue that brought on the self-injury and any related mental health condition. People need to know that a treatment of self-injuries is not usually done quickly and it takes a lot of time and hard work. A strong desire is also very important. In some cases, there is even need for a mental health professional experienced in self-injuries.

Treatment options

Psychotherapy is the most commonly followed treatment plan in these situations. It is also known as talk therapy, counseling and behavior therapy. Psychotherapy is important because it identifies and manages any underlying issues. A person who follows this type of therapy will also learn how to cope with stress and control his or her emotions. Some of the most commonly used types of psychotherapy include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and psychodynamic therapy. Certain medications are usually a part of a therapy plan.

Lifestyle and home remedies

It is not wise for people to treat the self-injuries themselves but there are certain things that may help. First of all, people need to follow the treatment plan. It is important that the patient tells the doctor all the details considering the self-injury. People should avoid sharing instruments which they use for causing self-injuries due to the risk of infectious diseases.

Tests and diagnosis

A person needs to be ready to stop self-injuring him or herself in order for the doctor to be able to help him or her. There is no specific test that will diagnose a self-injury and it is not uncommon for it to be discovered accidentally.

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