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The COPD, or the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a problem that can be treated with the use of oxygen therapy and in the following text we will talk more about this. The COPD can cause some embarrassment in the public for people having this problem, but there is a solution that can help even with the severe COPD cases. A professor of medicine at the Stony Brook University, the chief medical office of the American Lung Association, Norman Edelman MD, says that patients who suffer from reduced levels of oxygen in their body require oxygen. According to him, the best results can be achieved if oxygen is received during the whole day. This can make your life longer and receiving oxygen is one of the few things that can do this.

Oxygen Benefits

There are several benefits associated with taking the oxygen more than 12 hours a day and some of them are improved mental function, sleep quality, easier physical activity and improved blood health. Very severe cases of COPD or patients with the stage four of the mentioned diseases can undergo this therapy. These cases refer to those with health issues such as congestive heart failure or pulmonary hypertension, and certain amount of oxygen in the blood. Supplemental oxygen may be prescribed even before reaching this stage, but benefits of it can only be experiencing while sleeping, performing daily activities or exercising. Oxygen can only be used in certain amount and in specific time, and the doctor will tell you when and how much oxygen to take. Reduced taste and smell are some of the side effects associated with the oxygen therapy, and some may find cord attaching the nasal prongs or mask with the face a bit problematic.

Delivery of Oxygen

Oxygen can be delivered in several ways, but you will always have a tank, which is a source of oxygen, and a flexible cord delivering the oxygen with the mask or prongs to the nose. Oxygen concentrate, according to the Dr. Edelman, is the best option for the oxygen delivery, but it is not reliable in the regions without the constant supply of electricity. However, now we have many rechargeable and portable oxygen tanks, which do not require constant supply of electricity.


The use of tank is very embarrassing for most people, and they may stop taking oxygen despite knowing the benefits associated with its use. They mostly use the tank when the symptoms appear, but tend to avoid using it when social gatherings happen. The oxygen delivers the best results when taken during the day and night, but some people use it only during the night. If you have any questions regarding the use of tank or its effects, consult a doctor. Some think that oxygen can cause addiction or that they cannot travel anywhere and these are some of the questions you can get answered if you visit a doctor.

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