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Information on Heartburn

Heartburn can be described as a painful, burning sensationwhich commonly occurs in the thorax or the throat and is more often than notaccompanied by a sour or bitter taste in the mouth. Heartburn may be anindication on gastro esophageal reflux disease which may involve symptoms suchas a chronically hoarse voice, weight loss, bouts of asthma and swallowingdifficulties. The condition may worsen significantly if neglected and leftuntreated. The severe form of the condition is sometimes referred to as theBarrett’s esophagus and it may be really dangerous as it may be affiliated withthe occurrence of esophagus cancer. A healthy human body contains a musclewhich resembles a ring, whose main purpose is to allow the drinks and foods topass into the stomach. Once it performs it primary function, the musclecontracts in order to shut off any reverse flow of the stomach contents. Themuscle can get weaker due to numerous different factors, so the stomach juicesget into the esophageal cavity which causes heartburn and certain internaldamage. The muscle is medically referred to as the lower esophageal sphincter,and it is actually the valve that prevents that shuts the esophagus off fromthe stomach. Different factors which may cause this condition may be indirector direct and they may also be interconnected. Some factors are responsible forthe initiation of the problem, while certain others only aggravate the existingsituation.


The most common factor is excessive production of gastricacid which is usually caused by certain types of genetic deficiency. Thiscauses the acid to flow back into the esophagus and irritate or damage itsinner walls. Candida may also sometime overgrow inside the human body, whichoften leads to a weakened immune system and the development of more than 70different types of harmful toxins. These toxins cause numerous medicalconditions and the gastro esophageal reflux disease is only one of them. Forthose who do not know, Candida is a fungal microbe which commonly can be foundin the human body and it is completely harmless if present in controlledquantities.

Food Items

Certain food items may also be associated with the Candidaovergrowth. Those include white flour, sugar and different types of vinegar.But the organic apple cider vinegar is a completely different thing, as it maybe of great help when it comes to alleviating the symptoms of this unpleasantmedical condition.

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