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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine and the treatment includes insertion of needles into specific locations on the skin. People who are supporters of acupuncture claim that this technique may relieve pain, treat infertility, be effective against many illnesses and prevent some of them as well as promote health in general. Acupuncture is a very old method dating back to prehistoric times. Written records on acupuncture originate from the second century BC. Today well-trained professionals perform different variations of acupuncture throughout the world.

Is Acupuncture Right for You?

Choosing acupuncture as treatment option or abstaining from it is a personal decision. Even though there have been some indications that acupuncture may help in prevention and even treatment of certain conditions data regarding its effectiveness are still inconclusive.

However, even though there is no definitive proof that acupuncture can actually heal the body, deal with some conditions and prevent others from developing many Americans each year chose to undergo acupuncture treatments for various reasons. It may be that people search for some new treatments in case conventional therapy fails or they may be strongly persuaded that acupuncture will help them bring the disease under control.

The degree of skepticism is another thing that determines whether a person will chose acupuncture as a treatment modality. Some skeptics may opt for acupuncture just to prove themselves they are right and that the method is actually ineffective. Still, it has not been proven yet whether skepticism may influence the effectiveness of acupuncture. It is believed that if one does not believe that a particular treatment will not work the chance that the very treatment actually will not work is significant. Similarly people who are deeply persuaded that acupuncture will help them may benefit from the treatment but we cannot say for sure whether the actual acupuncture has helped them or they achieved healing with positive thinking and attitude.

A fear of needles is another factor that may interfere in choosing acupuncture as treatment option. The very treatment involves insertion of tiny little needles into the skin. People who are afraid of needles are generally less likely to try acupuncture at any time. Even though if a person with a huge fear of needles decides to undergo acupuncture the results of the treatment may not be desirable and the very fear of the person can interfere in the effectiveness of the treatment.

And finally, it is essential to convey a research whether acupuncture can be beneficial for the particular condition a person is suffering from. Although acupuncture may provide with positive effects and be beneficial for certain conditions it is not all mighty and simple cannot be good for all illnesses. This is why some conditions cannot be treated with an acupuncture and such patients are supposed to stick to conservative medicine.

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