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The Vaguest of Insights Into the Works at Hand

Adrug company is a business which is at the same time like, as well as unlike any other. This is because the very people whose job description involves protecting our well-being, are also the same people who have to earn a living out of it.

Namely,these companies, or corporations if you wish, have got executive officers. These officers report to board member, whom in turn report to stock holders. The stock holders are in turn not interested in the well-being of the general public, but are instead interested solely in making a profit out of their investments.

So with this said, it is easy to see how a chemist at a drug company may have all the will in the world to make a difference for the better, and is absolutely powerless when it comes to doing something about it because of the people on top – namely the stock holders and such.

Following the Money...

Abusiness which does not earn its share is not really a business, isn't it? This is why drug companies are under tremendous pressure from two completely opposite sides. One of them is to make a lot of people happy (and rich), the other is to (opposed to the former) keep in mind the best interests of the people who need the medical attention the most.

And because a drug company is, after all, a business, it is obvious why they tend to invest in the more profitable rather than humanitarian cause. This is not to be mistaken for and sure as the sun rises on the east is not the result of conspiracy, but is rather amongst the simplest of facts of life, which include prioritizing goals according to one's very own needs first, and other people's needs second.

Also, like any other company a drug company knows that the consumer is the best person to go to when it is time to get some more green. And that's why they attempt to do it directly, rather than looking for the money elsewhere.

Another reason drug companies tend to (some would dare say) mis-invest money is adverts. Millions upon millions are spent to get the consumer (that is to say the patient) to ask a doctor about a particular drug. And this is done, for the most part, via tv ads and such.

And this is in stark contrast with their previously mentioned moral obligation to keep the best interest of the people's well-being in mind.

Concerning Unnatural Drugs and Natural Products

Thereare claims of the drugs, being unnatural substances, causing a number of diseases as the byproduct of their treatment. And because of the fact that only natural found supplements (as opposed to synthetic drugs) can heal the body, it is always a better idea to use natural health products than it is to get a over-the-counter drug, if the alternative already exists.

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