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The prostate aging problem and prostate cancer prevention

When it comes to prostate aging problem there are several views on the matter and strong debates are going on. Prevention of prostate cancer on the other hand is quite controversial and people disagree even more than on the problem of prostate aging. However, everybody agrees on the fact that there are a lots of reasons why a person might end up with prostate cancer and have prostate aging problem. The other thing that all agree upon is that there are ways a person can reduce the chance of ending up with one of these problems if not prevent it in full.

One of the first things a person must do is to realize that he can end up with prostate cancer since it is quite common and one out of every six men ends up with it. The other thing is to get to know why he is at the risk of getting it.Studies have shown that people with a family history of prostate problems are more likely to end up with the same problems as their relatives. A person whose two close relatives have a prostate problem has a five times more chance of ending up with it than a person without any family history. A person whose three close relatives are suffering from a prostate problem has 97% chance of getting it. The bad thing is that lots of men do not even know that their fathers and grandfathers even suffered from some prostate illness because they might have died from some other illness. The main reason why this happens is because prostate cancer develops slowly and late in life. Because of this there is a chance that a person might have some other illness on which all the focus is on and the problem of the prostate is either neglected or overlooked. This is why it is important that a person gets to know his family history. Race

Race plays a huge role in this matter. African American men have a greater chance of getting prostate cancer than Hispanic men whereas Hispanic men have a bigger chance than Caucasian men. A Caucasian man has a 60% lesser chance of ending up with prostate cancer than an African American. Diet
Diet is another very important factor. Diets that people consume in the United States have lots of fat in them and that is the problem. A person who improves his diet will lessen the chance of getting prostate cancer. The introduction of vitamins and minerals will also help.

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