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“You Have Cancer”

The three words mentioned in the title above are probably the worst three words one can hear from a doctor. Cancer, being something which is still hardly beatable medically, makes one completely lose hope and usually equals a death sentence. However, this does not necessarily have to be so. Namely, many people have managed to fight cancer, despite the grim expectations and small chances of success. People have the strength to endure many different things. However, before they can do that, they need the necessary will-power. Therefore, if you happen to have been diagnosed with cancer, do not fall into despair, but, rather, read the following lines which will give their best to offer some good advice on how to deal with your problem in the best possible manner.

What Can You Do?

The first line of defense is intelligence. Therefore, learn everything you can about the type of cancer you have. All the knowledge people have so far can be located on the internet, where you can either read scientific articles, read other people’s experiences or ask doctors different questions regarding your health problem. Then, you can fully understand the nature of your condition, be capable of discussing and comprehending different issues you and your doctor will be dealing with.

Next, be prepared for a great battle. This will require a change of lifestyle, since you will have many therapies and other medical processes to follow through. Thereby, you will need all the support you can get. Family, friends, even neighbors and acquaintances can be of great assistance, helping you deal with all of your obligations while still managing to cope with your illness and treat it successfully.

Also, prepare for a one on one fight with all you have. It will not be a walk in the park. Rather, it will be WWII all over again, happening inside your body, you needing to endure it no matter what. You will lose hope many times during this period. However, you need to stay strong and gain it again, choosing life no matter what.

Again, do not go through all this alone. Do not keep your illness a secret since it will eat you up inside. You need to share the burden of your condition with all people who love you. They will be happy to help you, so do not be shy or ashamed in any way. Finally, do not try to find the cause of your misery in superstition or anything of this type. Rather, come to terms with you condition, and become determined to win, having all the people who love you as your companions on this difficult, yet achievable task called survival.

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