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Inability to conceive a child is a very stressful issue thatthe couples who want a baby have to deal with. Numerous reasons might cause it,and not all of the cases can be cured successfully, which is a reason more forconcern. A lot of patience and strong will is needed to go through the treatment,but as long as there is a chance, people should do everything they can if they reallywant to have a child. Besides conventional methods of treatment, people exploreother options as well, and alternative medicine is becoming more and moreemployed in this area as well. Besides herbal and homeopathic medicine,acupuncture is another alternative method of treatment that people decide togive a chance to. The number of those who have positive experience with this methodis constantly rising, which gives a lot of hope to people with infertilityissues. In cases when the levels of follicle stimulating hormone are increased,when there are repeated loses of pregnancy and even in cases of idiopathicinfertility, the combination of acupuncture and herbs and herbal medicinesgives great results.

Is acupuncture helpful in the treatment of infertility?

Acupuncture has proven to be helpful in a number of cases,but unfortunately, it does not mean that it will help in every single one. This alternative methodof treatment improves the way that the body functions and when it comes toinfertility, it can actually help with some underlying causes, such ashypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, for instance. Besides, it is well known thatacupuncture has a positive effect on the functioning of ovaries and follicles,and that it improves the circulation of the blood to the endometrium, which inreturn, facilitates a thick and rich lining. However, on the other side, itcannot help in cases of pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis. Wheneverything is taken into consideration, the conclusion is that acupuncture isdefinitely something that a couple should give a chance to, although it is necessaryto find out first the real cause of infertility.

Many doctors advise their patients to undergo acupuncture treatmentfor approximately three months before insemination or in vitro fertilizationbecause it has been proven that it has positive effect on the final result. Asidefrom this, many pregnant women are advised to continue with the acupuncturetreatment until the twelfth week, because the majority of miscarriages occursin this period.

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