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Acupuncture as an alternative

Given all the negative sides of dealing with asthma by using medications, and corticosteroids in particular, it might be a very good idea to consider all the alternatives in order to see if there is some that does not have so many possible negative sides associated with it. One of alternative methods of treatment that are becoming more and more popular among people with asthma is acupuncture, and the truth is that it proves to be very successful in a number of cases.

Aside from this, the fact is that acupuncture treats the condition itself and not only the symptoms, as it is the case with the majority of medications, and that is another important reason why more and more people decide to give it a chance. According to the acupuncturists, this ancient traditional Chinese branch or medicine is focused on opening the bronchial airways and lungs and clearing the phlegm. Besides, it also has the purpose to improve the immune system and strengthen the lungs as well as to reduce the inflammation in case it is present. By achieving all this, the overall stress that the patient who suffers from asthma is exposed to is significantly reduced, which is another important benefit of this method of treatment.

The signs of improvement can be noticed very soon, and many people do not have to use inhalers after only a few months of the treatment. It depends on the individual whether they will be cured or they will have to repeat the treatment every other month.

Safety issues and possible side effects

The points to which the acupuncturists focus do not always have to be lungs because spleen, stomach and sometimes even kidneys or some other part of the body may be involved, which depends on the purpose of the session. Even though the use of needles is inevitable if a person decides to undergo acupuncture treatment, the truth is that they are very thin and pain is very rarely felt. Even when it is present, it is far from intolerable or strong. This is probably the only side effect that is associated with this method of treatment. In order to avoid unnecessary complications, it is important to make sure that the acupuncture practitioner is qualified and licensed and that sterile and disposable needles are used. Also, before quitting to use medications and inhalers, it is important to consult a doctor, who might also be consulted before deciding to choose acupuncture.

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