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What is Rolfing Massage?

Rolfing massage, as the name itselfmight suggest is a form of massage. It was developed by a womancalled Ida Rolf and it started being practiced in the 60s. Thismassage method or technique is similar to the well-known Swedishmassage or deep tissue massage, even though there are many originalparts related to rolfing massage, making it unique in its own way.Ida Rolf, when she developed this way of physical massage, could notget wide acclaim until she visited Friz Perls, who was the founder ofanother massage theory and the director of the Esalen Institute. Idataught at that institute, and several of her students developed theirown massage techniques later on.

Then, in the 70s, she opened her ownrolfing institute where she worked and instructed. Afterwards, aftershe had already made a name in the massage world, she published abook about rolfing at the end of the 70s, becoming popular andwell-known around the world. However, most of the fame she has todaytook place after her death, since rolfing started being highlypraised during the 90s.

The Principles behind Rolfing Massage

Rolfing focuses its doctrine upon thefact that, as we grow older, our body's connective tissue getsinfluenced by the force of gravity, becoming poorly aligned, leadingto many problems, some more serious than the others. Thus, rolfingpractitioners have a task to re-establish the body's balance byre-aligning the connective tissue through massage.

Rolfing practitioners use their hands,elbows and fingers in order to move through different layers of yourconnective tissue, searching for any abnormalities and fixing them.They basically push and poke various parts of our body, findingproblems and correcting them through massage. This way, they helppeople recover from injuries and deal with stress and anxietyeffects. As far as the strength and impact of this massage isconcerned, it is somewhere between the Swedish and the deep tissuemassage, being gentle but, nevertheless, quite firm and prominent.Still, it does not cause pain.

People who seek help from rolfingmassage usually suffer from chest, back and neck problems, eventhough all people may benefit from it, being a full body massage. Thepain troubling you might be sudden or chronic. Regardless, rolfing islikely to help you overcome it. What is unique about this massage isthat it corrects your posture, thus boosting your self-esteem, while,at the same time relieving you of pain and providing you betterbreathing skills. All in all, it makes you healthier both physicallyand mentally.

Finally, the basic treatment involves10 sessions of rolfing massage. This is thought to be the optimalnumber of sessions in order to deal with all of your problems.

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