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Patellar tendon is the tendon which connects the kneecap and tibia and it plays an important role when the leg is doing some stretching movements, such as when pushing the pedal of a bicycle downwards. So, the inflammation of this tendon is, consequently, must likely to occur during such activities, it is one of the most common injuries in sportsmen, and this condition’s popular name is the jumper’s knee.

When this injury happens, the sharp pain is felt in the spot where the patella is connected to its tendon (the pain becomes worse when using the knee), and the x-ray examination is rarely needed for reaching the diagnosis since, fortunately, it is very simple to be recognized. But, the rigidness may be felt in that area, so, the affected person must do the physical activity which increases the strength of the muscular tissue of that region, also known as the quadriceps. And that should be combined with the exercises for improving the knee’s flexibility, that is, by extending the tendon and increasing its endurance.


Surgical procedure is not so frequently recommended way of treating this condition, but it is a very effective and promises a fast recovery. However, before and after the procedure is performed, these beneficial exercises should be done, by repeating them ten times in a row. Also, before the surgery, the treatment with the prescribed medications for lessening the inflammatory process, must be ceased 48 hours before the procedure takes place. Of course, one must also emphasize if there is a case of some possible allergic reactions during the operation, or if some other drugs are used.

So, after the total anaesthesia is given, a small cut is made in order to firstly examine the damage in the knee with certain magnifying lenses. After that, a small rotary cutting tool is used to remove the tip of the patella, so that the healthy part could be maintained. Having this done, the area is washed out and closed. And, the best thing to wrap around the leg after the surgery is performed is a cast or a flexible bandage that allows a little movements, in order to speed up the rehabilitation period.


Besides wearing a cast, the medications for reducing the inflammation, putting on the ice over the affected area and the therapy for invigorating the muscles are to be included during the period of the first 21 days after the operation. Anyway, the rehabilitation could last only for a month and a half, but the mild to moderate exercises, and not the hard ones, can be done.

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