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Treatment for temporary and reversible hearing loss

Nomatter if temporary or reversible hearing loss is in question,the nature of the treatment therapy is mostly determined according tothe direct causer of the loss related impairment itself. The mostfrequently employed type of the treatment involves the use of hearingaid devices. Despite the fact that quite a lot of people tend totreat loss of hearing as a quite common and accompanying sign of aging, thefact is that in any case, most timely and appropriate treatment is amust. The main reason for this is that this serious impairment does notonly bring about physical discomfort, but it can also lead toloneliness, as well as depression and ultimately independencedeprivation. Even despite the fact that, no matter how effective thetreatment is, hearing can never be fully restored, a timely treatment canand does contribute to making the every day activities such asregular communication, social interaction, work and alike much easierand enjoyable, come to that.


Asalready stated above, the success of the treatment approach opted fordepends primarily on the underlying cause. Thus, the discovering whatthe cause is makes the determination of a proper treatment methodpossible. Loss of hearing can be brought about by the followingculprits:

Ototoxic medicines (e.g. Aspirin, ibuprofen etc.) - condition improves once the taking of medicines in question seizesEar infection (e.g. middle ear infection) – in the greatest majority of cases, it disappears on its own, although sometimes antibiotic treatment therapy is neededInjury to the ear/head – in these cases, the condition either heals on its own, or a surgical procedure must be performedOtosclerosis/acoustic neuroma/Ménière's disease – medicine therapy and possibly surgical procedure are necessary for more severe casesAutoimmune problem – remedied with the help of corticosteroids (e.g. Prednisone)Earwax buildups – treated by the removal of the excessive wax

Ifa person suffers from hearing loss which is permanent in nature, then thebest solution is the employment of hearing aids. Despite the factthat these do not hold the power to bring one his/her hearing back,they are certainly effective in making sounds louder, and thus aidone in functioning and establishing a much better communication with others. In addition to hearing aids, yet another quite effectivesolution to this problem comes in the form of assistive listeningdevices, as well as alerting devices and similar communication aids,which provide one with the same benefits as the previously mentionedaiders.

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