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Spleen is a very important organ in the body. It helps in fighting the infections, and produces red blood cells. Ruptured spleen is a very serious condition, which is usually one of the most frequent consequences of some kind of an abdominal trauma or a blow. Such abdominal trauma can happen in some kind of the accident involving motor vehicles, it can be the result of domestic violence, or a fist fight, and it can also happen during certain sport activities. This condition requires immediate medical attention, since the rupture of the spleen results in internal bleeding, which means that the blood from the spleen spreads into the abdominal area. In the situations of the massive bleeding, the surgery is absolutely necessary.

The rupture of the spleen does not have to have some obvious symptoms, because in some cases a person does not even have to feel the pain, which is usually one of the most important indicators. However, the pain is generally felt in the left side of the abdomen, under the rib cage (which is exactly where the spleen is located), or in the left shoulder, since certain nerves may as well be irritated by the spleen rupture. If, by any chance, the abdomen looks swollen and hard after some accident, it might also indicate spleen injury and internal bleeding. Other symptoms which should not be ignored are distorted vision, fainting, confusion, paleness, anxiety and other signs of shock, because these symptoms may also indicate the drop of the blood pressure, which is often the result of the internal bleeding. Massive internal bleeding might also lead to unstable vital signals, which is why spleen rupture can be life-threatening. If the internal bleeding is not diagnosed and stopped in time, a person may bleed to death. This is a reason more why none of these symptoms should be ignored, especially in situations after a car or any other kind of accident.

In some situations which are not severe, a ruptured spleen may not require surgery, because the spleen will heal by itself. But even in such cases, people will still have to be hospitalized for some time, and their condition will have to be monitored. More sereious cases of spleen rupture will need the surgery procedure in which the spleen will be either repaired or removed. Just like with any other surgical procedure, complications are possible, but whether or not they will happen, depends on different elements.

Life without the spleen is possible, but in such cases, people are much more susceptible to some other illnesses.

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