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Consequences from a ruptured spleen can be the very severe, and they may lead to internal bleeding that can end with death. Spleen can be ruptured if youexperience some serious trauma and this condition demands immediate treatment. Human spleenis settled below rib cage, and because of the location, people are more likely to injurespleen than some other organ in a car accident, for example. The practice, in the past, was to immediately removethe bleeding spleen if it is injured, but these days an injured spleen can betreated. The spleen treatment requires several days in hospital, because ittakes time for the spleen to cure completely. Spleen is a very important organ thathelps our body to clean from old and damaged blood cells, to filter materialthat our body doesn’t want and to produce red blood cells and some types of white bloodcells. Symptoms that indicate ruptured spleen are low blood pressure, blurredvision and fainting, and this condition demands immediate medicalattention, so if you feel any pain in the upper left abdomen area that isfollowed by the above mentioned symptoms, please go to the emergency room, where doctorscan diagnose your condition and start treatment on time.

Causes of ruptured spleen

There are numbers of causes for spleen ruptures, but mostcommon cause is a blow in the abdomen area, which can happen atsport field, in a fight, or in a car crash. It is not uncommon for a spleen torupture even few days or weeks after abdominal injury. One of the most severecauses of mononucleosis is a ruptured spleen.

Treatments and drugs

In cases when spleen injuries are not so severe, the processof treatment doesn’t include surgery. In such cases, some other treatmentmethods are implemented and they include nonsurgical care and blood transfusions.If the problem with your spleen is more serious, surgery is necessary and it may be done in order to remove or repair the spleen. The processof splenectomy is conducted in sterilized environment and a small cut ismade. The cut is large enough only to insert a slider tube and camera lens. Transfusionis necessary only if you loose too much blood, and it is done in order to improve circulation.

If you are faced with the possibility of loosing your spleen, you should knowthat you can lead a very active life even after it. There are some risks that includeliability to infections that can endanger your health, so it is better that youget vaccines against flu and pneumonia. In some cases, if a doctor prescribes them, preventiveantibiotics are used so that they can protect you from infections.

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