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Puberty is a process inwhich the child’s body is being transformed into the body of an adult, whichusually takes 2 to 3 years and sometimes even longer. Boys’ testiclesstart producing testosterone, a hormone that makes the boy’s body grow tallerand change its shape. It also results in sperm production intesticles. Puberty is the change that affects everyone but it can startat the different time. Normally boys between 10 and 15 years old startundergoing this change, but for some it may take place earlier or later thanthat.

One of the first signsof puberty is hair growth. Light and scattered hair will appear under arms andin the area around the penis though with time it will turn darker and thickerand start growing on the legs, even chest and back. Facial hair first appears abovethe upper lip, then on the sides of the face and the chin. As the oilbegins to build up in skin pores, acne may appear on the face, beck, chest andneck. The body grows taller about 4 or more inches each year, and in thisperiod, boys can expect to gain 30 or more pounds. Puberty will also cause theshoulders to become wider and chest broader. Boys gain muscles and get strongerand better coordinated. Breast may also become slightly full or tender in thebeginning, but they get flatter once puberty ends. Early in puberty, handsand feet get longer and wider, and some body parts like arms and legs, growfaster than others so the boys can become self-conscious about theirlooks. Testicles and scrotum grow larger and become coarser and darker and start hanging loosely. Penis becomes longer and thicker.

As a result of a quickblood flow into penis, erections occur. They are caused by sexual thoughts or yseeing someone attractive, though sometimes, they occur without any reason.Waking up with an erection in the morning is normal. Nocturnal emissions,also known as wet dreams, though embarrassing at first for some boys, areperfectly normal. Ejaculating during sleep decreases with time and stops as thepuberty approaches its end. The production of testosterone is to blame forthe changes of a boy’s voice. Sometimes the voice will crack during speaking,but by the time puberty is over, it will become lower and deeper as the vocalcords grow thicker and longer. Hormonal changes cause the body to developan odor and boys sweat more at this time.

Puberty is also aturbulent time for an emotional life of a boy. He can feel awkward, confused ormoody for no apparent reason, and arguments with friends and family are alsocommon. Looks can cause some boys to feel uncomfortable or unhappy, especiallyif their friends are developing at a faster or slower rate. Boys starthaving sexual thoughts and fantasies at this time and may feel attracted tosomeone. Instead of being with the family boys will want to spend most ofthe time with their friends and start to dress like them. Some may even feelembarrassed by their parents and not understand them at this age. Sincethis is a time of very fast growth it is important to give the body thenourishment and the rest it needs.

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