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From the onset and onwards

It all begins once an embryo reaches the one week age mark. Afterward, the embryo itself starts to grow in a slow and gradual manner until it reaches the ultimate ninth month of the stage, which as we all know is completed with a mom giving birth to a child. When it comes to the phases that constitute the entire pregnancy, for those who are not that familiar with it, they are also referred to as the trimesters. Each of these trimesters actually represents one subsequent stage in the development process of an embryo. First trimester is characterized by the need for a mother-to-be to keep track of her ovulation. This is extremely important, for once the woman in question pinpoints the exact moment of conception, from then onwards she will need to be more aware and pay more attention to taking care of her future baby in the best way possible, and care diligently till the day baby decides to come into the world.

The phases

First trimester - is perhaps one of the more difficult ones to bear, since a future mom is still getting used to the fact that her body is going to undergo quite a lot of changes before the baby is born. And she is also to bear as best as possible the manifestations that are to initiate the embryo development process – extreme tenderness, morning nausea and sickness, lethargy, acute and highly unpleasant headaches, as well as visiting the lady’s room on a frequent basis. As the end of this semester draws near, the mother’s uterus enhances in size by gradual expansion, with baby’s size reaching the one of a “cherry”. Even though the baby has not yet reached its full grown stage, future mom is still able to feel baby’s reflexes and heartbeat sensations, as well as movement of the limbs. Second trimester – is the one in which the baby itself is able to develop own senses, and can also hear the sounds in the background, coming from mother’s immediate surroundings. What a baby may also experience is the entering of light into the mother’s womb. By now, the baby has grown all the way up to 10 inches in length (i.e. 25 cm), announcing its presence and awareness by frequent kicking, which can be (and in most cases is) quite painful for the mom, causing her even to shed tears because of the unbearable pain. Third trimester – is, of course, the ultimate pregnancy phase, when the baby itself is fully grown and ready to come into the world. The mom, herself, starts visiting the lady’s room quite often again, and also gets herself ready for giving birth and breastfeeding.

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