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Lupus is a hard to diagnose, because of the variety of symptoms, which can appear all of the sudden, or they can remain undiagnosed for a long time. Diagnosis on time is important, because in that way a patient can be treated in time, and due to that, his life can be prolonged. Lupus symptoms may appear on the skin, in the form of a rash, and in most of such cases, it is thought that rash is a consequence of some allergies and it is treated in the wrong way. It may also happen for fingers to become white and then, when exposed to cold, turn red, but it is important to know that this is not characteristic of lupus only; it may be a symptom of some other disease as well. Lesions can be one of the symptoms, and they appear on the fingers and palms due to the inflammation of blood vessels.

Sings and Symptoms

Nowadays, in medicine there are two types of lupus, systemic lupus, characterized by small rash or flush on the face and discoid lupus, characterized by severe rash that may result in hair loss and scarring of the scalp. Another symptom of lupus is when a hair is falling in handfuls, but when a disease is brought under a control, hair starts to grow again. Some patients have pain in the joints, but that pain can be limited to one muscle, and lupus patients are often mixed with the ones who suffer from rheumatic fever. Inflammed tendons are one of the most common rheumatic symptoms. This may be determined by the examination of the hand and x-ray. Inflammation of the small arteries is a common symptom of many diseases, and as so it is also the symptom of lupus. Lungs and heart can be attacked by lupus. If one suffers from pain in the lower chest, then it may be a sign of a lupus, but, this is not so frequent symptom and if it occurs, it has good feedback on the medical treatment.

The science hasn’t advanced in order to discover the changes on the brain affected by the lupus. Since the kidney is a sensitive organ, it can also be attacked by lupus, which is called lupus nephritis in medical terms. This happens because of the inflammation of blood vessels and deposition of the proteins, which is why it is recommended that patients who had lupus nephritis in the past, check their urine every two months. Doctors are suggested to be very careful when dealing with these symptoms, so that lupus doesn’t go undetected. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that a patient with these symptoms has lupus, because they can be a sign of one of the many diseases that appear along these symptoms.

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