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Very high level of sugar in blood ketosis potentially can occur with diabetic patients: ketoacidosis are serious medical problem that may result with death. High blood sugar is extremely risky for life in Type I or Type 2 diabetes. An infection or great stress or not taking insulin on regular basis, may cause diabetic shock in which case only injections or an insulin pump can safe patient’s life.

Ketoacidosis may intervene with Type 2 as well as Type 1 diabetes. There is also hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome (a thick blood because of the high level of sugar in blood), a condition that may be fatal (due to coma and death) for Type 2 diabetic.

In such cases blood sugar exceeds to 700 mg/dl (40 mmol) so the brain and body functions dims. Too high level of sugar in blood and ketoacidosis condition may be caused by extreme disease, infection or skipping insulin. In case of Type 1 diabetes ketoacidosis can happen due to severe infection or some reason patient does not inject insulin on time. But in Type 2 ketoacidosis may occur due to great stress, pneumonia or heart attack. With children and teenagers it is harder to control level of sugar in blood it is necessary to deal with underlying medical conditions first.

If body burns more fat and makes more ketones it only means that insulin level falls. In a process of over activity of essential enzymes, burning fat is not such a good idea because it is too excessive. Fat metabolism’s usual by product is ketones. If there are too many ketones the blood acidifies creating vomiting and discomfort. Combination of too high levels of blood and vomiting is too risky due to dehydration and can cause death of patient.


The symptoms of Ketoacidosis occurs due to ketones poisoning. The poisoning creates vomiting and hard breathing and needs urgent hospitalization to prevent coma and death of patient. There are symptoms that are early warning of dangerous state are dry tongue and mouth, big thirst, often urination, nausea, fruity odor, great fatigue, great weakness, cramping of leg and stomach upset. Also there are late symptoms of such state, and that are stormed eyeballs, a short breath, fast pulse, too high level of sugar, low pressure of blood, fast breathing, vomiting and possible coma.

Any ketones test strips from pharmacy store can detect level of ketones in urine, especially if diabetics have infections. This test offers more data than glucose tests. If blood sugar level goes above 300 mg/dl, then this causes nausea, short, fruity and rapid death occurs it is useful to have urine test for ketones handy. The hospital treatment is necessary if test shows a large of moderate ketones number. Hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome is related to dehydration of the body, and probably not acidosis, therefore fruity breath and the upset of stomach might not be presented at all.

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