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Gonorrhoea is sexually transmitted disease caused by the N. gonorrhoea bacterium that affects neck of the cervix, the tube that passes urine from the bladder to outside, through penis, or vulva, and it may affect throat or the eyes. N. gonorrhoea lives in semen of men and in fluids of women’s vagina. The infection passes with vaginal, oral or anal sex, or sharing sex toys or fluids between sex partners. as well as by sharing sex toys with an infected person.

A very well known sexually transmitted disease Gonorrhoea (STI) if often found with both sex, especially with men under 25. Untreated gonorrhoea may lead to fertility problems and damaged health. But some women have no symptoms of gonorrhoea, and if they are infected, they may pass it on via sexual way. Symptoms start on 10th day of infection but show for months later, when infection starts to infect other parts of body.

Men with gonorrhoea feels pain while urinating, swelling and pain in testicles and have yellow or green discharge from pennis. Women with gonorrhoea feels the pain while peeing, pain in lower abdomen; plenty of yellow o green discharge from vagina, and have hard periods and vagina bleeding after sex. For those who practice anal sex, gonorrhoea infection may cause bleeding or unpleasant discharge from rectum (and anus may itch). A throat infection with gonorrhoea does not show that easy, but it may cause conjunctivitis.


There are complications due to gonorrhoea and complications largely depends on a person. The most serious complications includes reproductive dysfunction, because it may spread to uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries and develop pelvic inflammatory disease and may cause infertility or ectopic pregnancy. With men, gonorrhoea affects testicles or the prostate gland and blocks sperm from going to testes and also may cause infertility. And in the last stage gonorrhoea may spread on heart, joints or spine and cripple the body entirely.


It is better to test for gonorrhoea just in case if you are suspicious. The samples taken will be lab tested for bacterium and result will be released immediately. If gonorrhoea is present it is necessary to inform all previous partners. There are safe ways to test:

If patient had anal and oral sex, it is necessary to use swab for sample from anal passage and throat.A sample of urine is also the way, and urine test may shows infection.A swab for sample of cells from the cervix or vagina or penis.


Antibiotics treat gonorrhoea. In a form of tablet or injection antibiotics treat the disease, even after symptoms are gone. Sex is forbidden until everything clears up, but in any case of sex it is allowed to use condoms and not any other drug contraception. In case of pregnancy, it may cause complications and baby may be born too early and inherit mother’s gonorrhoea and that can be seen if the new born baby has conjunctivitis. And if it is not treated, the child may go blind. Antibiotics for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are different from antibiotics given otherwise, that is why pregnant mother needs to inform doctor about possible condition.


There is possibility to reduce risk of getting gonorrhoea.

Do not share or disinfect sex toys.Use condoms during sex.Limit the sexual partners and test yourself and partners for possible sexually transmitted infections before having sex.

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