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Support systems during depression

Depression is one of the few conditions today that target a large number of people. It can be described as a group of signs and conditions that include overall sad feeling, feeling of emptiness and disappointment, lack of energy, lost of interest, headaches etc.


Depression can be characterized as a multifactorial condition, since there are so many possible causes. For example, people that already suffer from some sort of physical condition can subdue to depression easily. This usually happens with conditions like AIDS, diabetes, serious heart problems, tumors, etc. Depression in those cases just shows how hard it is for some people to accept their medical condition and learn to live with it. Also, depression goes hand in hand with some mental problems (all sorts of disorders, anxieties etc) and in those situations it is important to determine if depression is just a result of an already existing condition, or depression is the actual cause of that condition. Defining those details is very important for determining the right course of action when it comes to therapy. Sadly, depression can run in family and cause problems for several generations. Also, depression might affect people after they have experienced some serious situations in life, those that put a lot of emotional and psychological strain on a person (death of a loved one, being involved in a crime situation etc.). Depression can also be caused by stress and some say that this might be the major factor in depression etiology. If that is the case, reducing stress might be one of the best depression prevention methods, and not only that, preventing stress and depression are good for physical health, too. 


Support systems during depression are numerous, but their exact execution depends on the level of depression and the symptoms. The best treatment would be the one that focuses on the cause of depression. If there is some underlying condition, it should be treated and, when that particular condition is eliminated, depression should be gone, too. Unfortunately, if we are talking about something chronic and incurable, the therapy can only deal with the symptoms, while it would be very hard to eliminate depression completely. The help of the medications is enormous, but there are also therapeutic session that also might help, especially if there is some other mental condition involved. A person that suffers from depression should have as much support as possible from family and friends. Depression to some people might seem like some light problem, which can be solved easily, but it is not the case. A lot of detailed diagnostic is needed in order to determine a proper therapy. 

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