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Subcutaneous Fat

The focus of this text will be subcutaneous fat, of which probably most of you haven’t heard. You will be surprised to see that there are 2 types of fat in human body. Subcutaneous fat is one of the two possible types. Since there are two types, and bad fat is the label that visceral fat has, we can logically assume that the other type of fat, subcutaneous fat, is a fat considered good. Some of the functions of this fat are protection from trauma, cold weather, hot wheatear and they are energy storing items. This fat can be located under the skin and it is very important due to the mentioned functions. It is very nutritional for a human body, it has carbohydrates and proteins and it is responsible for the chubby cheeks that the babies have. But these have been the good sides of this fat. Naturally, there have to some bad sides and we will see which they are.


The supply of fat occurs due to the storing of energy. Fat is used for the production of energy and body stores it for later use. The body requires food and once the amount of the food needed is lower than the amount consumed, fat is stored and excess fat is created. Also, metabolism is important in the gathering fat. Once the metabolism slows down, like in old age, fat gathers more and easier. When this problem occurs, we can reduce the amount of food consumed and include some exercises. But one area on the body will fight such treatment method and it is the abdominal area. It is very hard to remove fat from that area with the use of healthy diet and exercises. Also, this area has both types of fat. Buttock is a place where subcutaneous fat is needed. This fat makes sitting comfortable.

We know that fat is good for better appearance. Doctors inject fat with a syringe to make us look appealing. Also, fat makes our faces look more attractive, since they would not look so if only bones were present, without any fat. Cellulite occurs when the subcutaneous fat becomes engorged and distends. Patterns are created in this way and they follow it and create cellulite, mostly on thighs and buttocks among females. Every person loses and stores fat on different locations. Loosing stomach fat is the hardest to loose and it will probably be the last you will be able to remove. They seem to reduce and remove wherever they want and not on the places that we want. Proper diets and exercises will remove the fat, first subcutaneous, after which visceral will start to burn.

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