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People addicted to various chemicals, drugs or alcohol needhelp in order to quit their addiction. Drug rehab programs are speciallydesigned for these patients, but it is very hard to determine which of manydrug rehab centers is the best option. So, if you want to find out which onemeets your criteria, you need to ask proper questions, before making a decisionabout the rehab. You have to know about the staff qualifications, programoptions, effectiveness of the program and follow-ups and also, not lessimportant, about the costs of all that.

Qualifications of the Personnel in Rehab

For anyone who suffers from addiction proper and accuratediagnosis is important and that’s something only a trained health professionalcan provide. There are predictable progression stages of addiction, whether it is dependenceon alcohol or drug addiction, and the doctor specialized for these cases caneasily identify those and recommend appropriate therapy.

If the rehab treatment is medically based consider it to be anadvantage. Doctors and nurses will be able to monitor patients 24/7 and makesure that they are safe. This is very important, because withdrawal symptoms inpeople addicted to alcohol and/or drugs may be extremely uncomfortable and evenpainful. Additionally, having trained doctors around, they will definitivelysee the progress of every patient and be able to adjust the treatment accordingto these facts. There are also some credentials, ensuring the standard andquality medical care. One of these is JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditationof Healthcare Organizations), given to drug rehabs meeting specific criteria.

Rehab Program Options

Drug rehabs may offer various treatments to cover the needof every patient they come upon. They could be outpatient programs, whichinclude counseling sessions with the addict and inpatient or residential programs.Talking about inpatient and residential rehab programs, the most accurate differenceis that inpatient programs are provided by licensed hospitals and need to meetspecific standards, while residential rehab doesn’t have to. Depending on the severityof the addiction and the stage of disease patient is in, doctors will recommendthe length of stay in drug rehab.

Recovery from the addiction is not a short term process andit needs time. Because of that, choose the drug rehab program which can offeryou quality continuing program in several locations.

Also, you mustn’t forget to ask about the involvement of a family in the program. Some drug rehab programs offer lectures, family therapy andgroup therapies.

How Much Does Rehab Cost

Rehab program cost depends on the type of a program youchoose. Ask about programs, therapies, treatments, medical costs, fees for theprogram and everything else that is included in the price. Also, you want toknow what services will your insurance cover, so talk to intake adviser aboutthat. Keep in mind that, although the price may seem very high, it is alwaysless than the consequences of an untreated alcoholism or drug addiction.

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