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If the eye is slightly out of shape, this can be the result of a condition known as astigmatism. This condition can lead to the eye being shaped slightly less spherical than is usual. As a result of this lack of proper shape, light rays will be bent unequally upon entering the eyes. This will lead to distortion or blurring of vision at all distances. Occasionally, astigmatism is discovered in conjunction with hyperopia or myopia. It is possible to treat astigmatism and its related conditions through the use of laser eye surgery.
Astigmatism and surgery
Astigmatism is generally considered to be the most common problem related to vision. Astigmatism is normally accompanied by a lack of focusing ability in the eye. The condition can also be accompanied by several other conditions that are also related to the eyes, but this is not always the case.In fact, most people suffer from some form of astigmatism. However, for the most part, the condition is so minor for most people that vision is not affected in any way. For those suffering from astigmatism that is worse than normal, it is likely that blurred vision can occur unless the use of glasses is employed. In the modern world, there are several forms of correction and treatment that can be utilised.
Eye Glasses are on such way to correct astigmatism. For this, it will be necessary to ensure that the correct lens is used, and that it is also properly lined up. Once this is achieved, vision should return to normal.
Contact Lenses can also be used in order to compensate for astigmatism. It is sometimes incorrectly perceived that those with astigmatism should not wear lenses, but this is not necessarily true. Soft toric lenses and gas permeable lenses can potentially be used to compensate for astigmatism. The former are flexible and require a prescription. These lenses can also be custom made for those with an irregularly shaped curve of the eyes. Gas permeable lenses are semi hard, and can correct even extreme cases of astigmatism. Over time, these lenses become more comfortable and tend to last much longer than toric lenses.
Refractive Surgery is another option that can be employed. LASIK surgery is capable of correcting most forms of astigmatism. This is a safe way to fix blurred vision, and is a virtually painless process. The procedure is an outpatient one and the recovery time is minimal.

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