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Whether you are experiencing abdominal bloating every month and wondering whether it could in fact be a symptom of ovulation, or are just looking for ways to recognize ovulation, this is a question you might want answered. There are many ovulation symptoms, some which are universal (a surge in the hormone LH) and many others that only some women have. Abdominal bloating and a slight feeling of pressure can be among them. Bloating is an ovulation symptom that is associated with ovulation pain.

Some women may feel a sharp pain on one side when an ovary is releasing an egg. For other women, the feeling they experience could more easily be qualified as bloating than pain. I know, because I am currently ovulating (Day 10 of my cycle) and have slight bloating. It is more of a "bloated feeling" than actual abdominal bloating than can be felt on the outside. The sensation is comparable to the bloating many women notice just before they start menstruating, but the feeling is located slightly higher up. Since the ovary is the center of action when it comes to ovulation, this is totally logical. Bloating during ovulation may be slightly uncomfortable.

Some women ironically even experience painful intercourse during ovulation as a result of this symptom. If this is you, and especially if you are currently trying to get pregnant, experimenting with sexual positions may alleviate the discomfort during intercourse. For instance, when I experience ovulation bloating, the "man on top" position is extremely uncomfortable for me, but the missionary position eliminates most of the discomfort. Don't let this discomfort stop you from having sex if you are trying for a baby, and see which positions work best for you. If what you feel is more accurately described as real pain rather than bloating of discomfort, talking to your doctor is advisable.

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