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Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy (or decompression spinaltherapy, DTS) has proven to be very helpful in people experiencing the pain intheir neck, arm, leg or the lower back. Patients suffering from any kind of the disc degeneration or herniation, spinal stenosis, sciatica, facet syndrome orpatients after the surgical procedures can benefit from decompressiontreatments.

Scientists have concluded that damaged spinal discs can beresponsible for various pains and syndromes. Increased disc pressure caused bycompression can harm the discs and provoke disc protrusion or herniation, andin some cases bulging of discs.

DTS Triton

Decompression spinal therapy called Triton is approved bythe Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) and it is proven to relieve the painand aid the healing of the discs. By doing so, patients don’t experience anymore pain and can live an active everyday life.

This spinal traction therapy can decompress the spinal discswithout the surgery and lead to pain relief. Treatments are gentle and patientsdo not feel any pain, only some mild pulling sensation in the hips or in the back.Some of the patients even feel comfortable enough to sleep during the entiretreatment.


After some pre-evaluation, doctors will be able to assessyour case and determine what treatment you need and also, how many treatmentswith DTS Triton you need. At the spot, the doctor operating the computer willdecide how much time will the steady tensions be applied to your discs and howoften will they be repeated. Also, this doctor will control the progressiontension steps. Computer operating system enables doctors to control thetraction pull of your spine, at the same time avoiding the unwanted contractionof the muscles.

In some older treatments discs were also decompressed, butthey applied steady pressure. This pressure has caused the contraction of musclesnear the affected discs and the increase of spinal pressure. Because of that, oldertreatments weren’t so successful in relieving the pain.

Why Opt for DTS Triton System

DTS Triton is able to promote the retraction of theherniation to the disc, but it also helps the intake of nutrients important forthe disc recovery (such as oxygen and fluids). It can ease both acute andchronic pain in a couple of weeks.

This method has proven to relieve the pain in about 75 to85% of the treated patients.

Comparing to the surgery, patients do not have to go to thehospital and there are no medications or injections involved. Most patients recoverin two to three months and they are ready to go back to their work. Treatments aremuch cheaper than surgery. One treatment costs around 65$, and the wholetherapy around 1.500$ and most insurances cover these costs.

The treatment also includes rehabilitation of the musclessupporting your back, which additionally reduce the spasms and inflammation. Also,stronger back muscles will provide better support for the spine, decreasing thechances for the recurrence of the pain. Additional exercises are necessary, inorder to relieve the pain for good.

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