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Pancreas is a gland, located behind the stomach, in theabdominal cavity. This gland is considered to be the part of both endocrine anddigestive systems. As the endocrine gland, pancreas is responsible for theproduction of some important hormones in the human organism, such as insulin,somatostatin and glucagon. Pancreas also secretes pancreatic juice, which main ingredientsare digestive enzymes. These pancreatic enzymes break down the fat, proteinsand carbohydrates from the food that we eat, helping the body to digest thefood.

Pancreas Problems

Pancreatitis is a medical condition characterized by infectionor inflammation of pancreas. Different types of pancreatitis include:pancreatic abscess and acute and chronic pancreatitis. When a person suffersfrom persistent pancreas inflammation that won’t heal for some time, doctorsdiagnose chronic pancreatitis. Without the treatment, this condition progressesand may cause irreversible damage to the pancreas. Digestive enzymes assaultthe pancreas and compromise its function, and pancreas fails to produceadequate amounts of digestive enzymes. Scarring and functional problems alsomay cause difficulties with the insulin production, leading to potentialdiabetes.

People suffering from chronic pancreatitis are usuallytreated in the hospital environment. Doctors will prescribe pain killers,intravenous hydration and nutrition. Once a person starts with the normal food,specialist will prescribe synthetic pancreas enzymes, to compensate existing deficiency in the body.

What to Eat With Pancreatitis

Patients suffering from pancreas inflammation are advised tomake some changes in their everyday life, especially in their diet. High carbohydratesand low fat diet is highly appreciated in these people. For more advices andprecise diet plan, it’s always the best to consult your doctor and certified dietitian.

There are some suggestions what to eat for every of your dailymeals. For breakfast, eat cereals, cornflakes, oatmeal, bread, skimmed milk orbananas. Lunch and dinner should consist of: soups, salads, chicken, tuna, beans,spaghetti, cooked vegetables and some fruits. Eat small portions and get some lightsnacks during the day.

The recommended food also includes plenty of fluids: water andfruit juices, as well as the liquefied meals. Try to combine soup with the stewand blend it together, because many pancreatitis patients claim that’s mucheasier to digest pureed food. Use chicken and vegetable soups, and eat plentyof fruits, vegetables, rice and soybeans. Lean cooked meat is also the goodchoice if you are suffering from pancreatitis.

Food to Avoid in Pancreatitis

There is some food you shouldn’t take while suffering frompancreatitis. This includes all large and heavy meals, fried and spicy food,red meat, butter and margarine. Chronic pancreatitis might also cause diabetes,and therefore you are advised to avoid very sweet desserts and concentratedsweets.

Alcohol and smoking are strictly forbidden.

Also, it would be very good for you to limit the consummationof caffeine and soda drinks, if you are suffering from pancreas inflammation.

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