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Caffeine is the most popular drug today, but caffeine pills are probably the most abused pills these days. People are often unaware of the amounts they can safely take and the risks associated with the use of these tablets. Caffeine pills are frequently and recklessly used by students who need to stay awake and study for their exams.

What Happens When You Take Caffeine Pill

Taking a caffeine pill will increase your alertness, provide an energy boost and prevent you from being sleepy or drowsy. That’s why many college students reach for these pills when studying at night before exams. Be careful not to get too exhausted, since these tablets can increase your heart rate and the physical over-exertion is not recommended.

Caffeine is known to be a mild appetite suppressant, because of that, taking caffeine pills can cause you to eat less during the day.

Potential Health Problems

People don’t realize that caffeine pills are a medication, not to be abused, and the overuse of these tablets can have health consequences. They tend to overlook the recommendations on the label and often use too many pills.

It’s very easy to overstep the daily limitation of caffeine, because there is plenty of it in the food and drinks we normally consume. Combining caffeine pills with chocolate and sugar, caffeinated sodas or energy drinks may result in caffeine overdose, leading to sometimes serious side effects.

In most cases, caffeine temporarily increases the blood pressure of the person consuming the caffeine tablets . However, some people are especially sensitive to caffeine and they could suffer from significant increase in blood pressure, jitters and even stroke.

Losing Weight with Caffeine Pills

There are plenty of people who say that using caffeine pills are great way to lose some weight. It might be true, but caffeine is both appetite booster and suppressant. You can lose about 150 calories every day, if you resist the urge caused by caffeine to eat sweats and fatty food. On a monthly level, it means that you may lose about 2 pounds.

If you want to try caffeine tablets for losing weight, start with small doses and watch closely for the reactions of your body, while gradually increasing the dosage. If there are no unwanted effects, such as jitters, anxiety, headaches or depression (all signs of caffeine addiction) perhaps these tablets can work for you. Never use these pills for too long, because they could lead to nervousness, social inhibition, lack of judgment, respiratory alkalosis or even death in some cases.

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