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Most people do not think twice when it comes to actions such as alcohol consumption, drug abuse, smoking etc. Namely, they simply indulge into these nasty habits, either permanently or temporarily. However, the impact these activities have on your health is quite severe. Combine occasional indulgence in drugs, alcohol and tobacco with unhealthy lifestyle and diet and you get some of the main causes of death in the entire human race.

The Black List

If we are to list diseases which frequently lead to death in a vast majority of cases, we have to start with heart diseases, moving on to cancer, stroke, chronic respiratory disease, alcohol-related accidents, diabetes, flu and pneumonia, Alzheimer's, kidney disease and infections.

Out of all these, heart diseases, cancer and stroke are the major killers in the US taking away more than 1.5 million lives annually. This means that these illnesses take more lives than wars such as the Civil, Korean and Vietnam War all together, taking its toll year after year... after year.

Keeping Yourself Healthy

Knowing that most of the above mentioned diseases can be prevented through successful lifestyle modification, you need to make the necessary changes as soon as possible, especially if you have a history of these health problems running in your family.

Three major factors are considered to be the most preventive. Basically, do not ever start smoking or, if you have already started, quit as soon as possible. Next, you are advised to change your nutrition for the better. Refrain yourself from eating excessively fatty or processed food. Rather, eat fruits and vegetables with every meal. Finally, you cannot be healthy without being physically active.

As far as your nutrition is concerned, eating more fruits and vegetables will allow you to deliver vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to your body, helping it work better and, subsequently, improving your quality of life. Learn how to cook and prepare foods with vegetables and fruits and always choose natural food over processed or fast one.

In order to decrease the number of calories you provide with your intake, apart from changing your diet, focus on avoiding sugar-rich drinks such as soda pops, soft drinks, flavored milk, sweetened ice tea etc. Choose water instead, or opt for healthier, natural alternatives, when it comes to fruit juices.

As far as exercising is concerned, you are advised to take up sports such as basketball or aerobics. However, if you cannot find the necessary free time, purchase a stationary bike and exercise at home, while watching TV.

Change your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your family into a healthier one before too late. Life is more than indulgence in unhealthy, deadly habits. Keep this in mind and do better than that.

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