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Illness not to turn ablind eye to

When it comes to theailment in question, surely almost all people are aware of its severity and itsserious nature. It is a condition that initiates the onset of unusualthinking, peculiar feelings and above all, odd behavior of the person beingbefallen by this illness. One positive side of schizophrenia is that it is quite rare in children but its elusive nature, especiallyat the onset, however, makes it pretty undetectable. Another discouragingfact is that up until today, no definite answer is available with regards to theprevailing culprit. What those research studies that were done prior and those morerecent in date suggest is that this condition is perhaps brought on by certainchanges in the person’s brain, together with specific bio-chemical, genetic, aswell as environmental factors. As far as the treatment is concerned, it is ofutmost importance to diagnose it as early as possible, and begin with thetreatment therapy immediately upon discovering its presence. Though it isinfamous for its duration (can follow a person all his/her life), and despite of the lackof definite remedy, it can, nevertheless, be put under control and its negativeeffects can considerably be alleviated.

Most frequently occurringmanifestations

Having manifestationsand overall behavior in mind, it needs to be emphasized that these are quite differentin children, adolescents included, and in adults suffering from schizophrenia. Incontinuation, one can find those most common tell tale signs in the first targetgroup, i.e. children and adolescents. Among them we find such as occurrence ofhallucinations (in the form of hearing voices and seeing things not reallypresent in reality), peculiar/eccentric speech and behavior, havingdifficulty/completely swapping television and dreams for reality, inability tothink straight, occurrence of paranoia, serious and intensified anxiety, isolationand complete withdrawal, disregard for looks and personal hygiene. When itcomes to the indicators that signal the possible onset of schizophrenia, the parents should especially keep a watchful eye on the following:

difficulty orinability of the child to differentiate between what is real and what is adream,hearing unexplained voices,seeing things not there in actual reality,extremelyvivid and odd thoughts or ideas,frequent bad-mood swings, unordinary behavior,taking up the behavior not suited to their age,presence of extreme fear andanxiety,inability to make new acquaintances and keep old friends around themetc.

The condition is, inthe greatest majority of cases, treated by way of combining specific medicinestogether with either individual, family therapy, or specific programs. Inaddition, psychiatric medicines are also regarded as quite effective.

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