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Zanidip is a medication used for dealing with hypertension, which is increased blood pressure. It can be primary and secondary (when it follows some already existing condition). Hypertension is one of the most frequent chronic illnesses and it is not easily dealt with, because there are many requirements that need to be met in order to eliminate this health issue. It affects people that suffer from obesity, people who smoke, who take high amounts of salt, do not eat healthy, use alcohol, do not exercise, etc. The importance of these requirements is proven by the fact that reducing body weight from 5 to 10 percent can drastically decrease values of the blood pressure.

First line of defense in hypertension is disciplining your life habits (eating, exercises), but if that does not help, medications have to be used. Diuretics are used first and, if their effect is minimal, then other groups of medications are used, such as ACE inhibitors, which are medications that regulate high blood pressure via kidney function, calcium channel blockers and some other, too.

Zanidip and its side effects

Other name of Zanidip is lercanidipine. It is a calcium channel blocker and an effective medication for dealing with hypertension. Its role is based on improving the passage of blood through blood vessels and thus reducing the pressure that blood creates on the vessels’ walls. It is very important to use some medication when hypertension is discovered in order to avoid some further complications which can be very dangerous, such as heart issues, for example. Sometimes the problem occurs since hypertension might not show any symptoms, only regular blood pressure measurement can reveal it.

Before taking this medication, some precaution is necessary. Pregnant women should avoid it, or if the patient has an allergy to this drug, it cannot be taken either, since the situation can only get worse. Also, if there is some ongoing condition, this medication can be taken only if a doctor approved it. When taken, especially for the first time, driving should be avoided, because dizziness might occur. As for side effects of Zanidip, there are several that are most common side effects for all medications and they include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, problems with intestinal pathway, sometimes extremities can swell, etc.

Most dangerous Zanidip side effects would include allergic reaction, which is followed by skin changes such as irritation and hives. If any of these side effects emerge, the only thing that has to be done is to stop with the therapy and visit a doctor.

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