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Valsartan is a medication which decreases blood pressure, protects the blood vessels from getting narrow and improves circulation. Valsartan is also recommended for the patients who are recovering from heart attack. You can obtain this medication only with a prescription from the doctor. Notify your doctor about any allergies and diseases before you start taking Valsartan because it should not be given in case of liver or kidney disease, congestive heart failure and dehydration.

Side Effects

Bear in mind that Valsartan can cause certain side effects. Some of the side effects are not serious and they do not require special medical care. Such side effects include, pain in the back, constipation, diarrhea, pain in the stomach, dry mouth, mild skin disorder, appetite loss, headache, anxiety, sleeping disorders, fatigue, weakness, and flu symptoms such as sore throat, coughing, and nasal congestion. There are a number of serious side effects of Valsartan which need medical attention. These side effects include pain in the chest, impaired sexual abilities, problems with urination, vision impairment, faintness, irregular pulse, mood changes such as depression or agitation, fever, pain in the muscles, muscle cramps, severe skin disorders such as blistering, redness and peeling, seizures, constantly dry mouth, swollen legs or arms, unexplained bleedings and bruising, fatigue, weakness, excessive thirst, severe pain in the stomach, swallowing difficulties, vomiting and jaundice. The most common side effects of Valsartan are headache, dizziness, diarrhea, pain in the back, pain in the joints, flu symptoms, fatigue and pain in the stomach. The side effects of Valsartan which may occur but they are rare include blood in urine, cold sweats, decreased urge to pass urine, breathing difficulties, higher blood pressure, excessive thirst, irregular pulse, appetite loss, sickness, anxiety, numbness in the feet or hands, weakness in the legs and gain of weight.

Allergic Reaction

You should seek prompt medical care if you develop an allergic reaction to Valsartan. Such reactions may include swelling of the mouth, tongue or face, pressure in the chest, breathing difficulties and skin disorders such as rash, irritation and itching.


If you are planning to get pregnant or you are pregnant, make sure to inform your doctor about it because Valsartan can be very damaging to the baby. Also tell tour doctor if you are breastfeeding. You should not drink alcohol during treatment with Valsartan because alcohol decreases blood pressure which can enhance the risk of side effects. It is recommended to have your blood pressure checked on a regular basis.

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