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Every woman will respond differently to breast surgery and some of them may fully recover in just a few weeks while others may require more time to get used to the new body shape. Various physical and emotional problems may occur after the surgery. General anesthetics may cause some side effects while it is not that frequent when local anesthetics are used.

Pain is common after the surgery and can be taken care of by various painkillers. A mastectomy and lymph node removal from the armpit restrict the movement and the ease with which movements are performed. A physiotherapist can take care of it through the use of various exercises. Stiffness also gets reduced by exercises and the wound heals more quickly. Swollen arms are pretty much normal and they clear up after a few weeks, but there are also cases of lymphoedema reported. Lymphoedema is permanent but it can be treated with an elastic bandage to drain the fluids away and it is easily recognized by heavy, aching arms with restricted movements.

An infection of the wound may hurt and cause the surrounding area to be hot and throbbing. Antibiotics usually clear up the infection. Seroma may be collected under the scar but that is normal and it is not that serious. Some nerves can be damaged during the surgery or radiotherapy but that is a really rare condition with all the modern technology being used today. Anxiety and depression are common in women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and sometimes they continue long after a successful surgery. A woman may have difficulties adjusting to the visual changes in the body and may feel unattractive or unwanted.

Lymph nodes are glands in the patient’s neck, armpit and groins and they filter lymph and remove unwanted substances like bacteria and cancer cells.

Radiotherapy incorporates high energy x-rays to kill cancer cells of the tumors and in itself it is not painful but it may cause some side effects. Local anesthetics are injected to numb a part of the body for various purposes.

A mastectomy is a breast cancer surgery which removes all the tissue from the breast. Antibiotics are medications that are used for fighting infections, bacteria and parasites but they do not work against viruses. A general anesthetic induces unconsciousness in order to not feel any pain during a surgery.

Allergic reactions are actually an overreaction to a harmless substance and may be associated with air particles, chemicals or even drugs and medications.

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